Chlorine Gas Detectors | Gas Feed and Instruments | Vacuum Type Gas Chlorinator

CHLORINE GAS FEED Series AS-1042 Microprocessor based Automatic Switchover

Wall Mounted | Tonner Mounted | Floor Mounted | Instrumentation


  • Safety features, unique to the automatic switchover system, reduce or eliminate the probability of operational problems occurring and guarantee the highest levels of safety for personnel and plant.
  • A unique interlock scheme that prevents both valves from opening or being open at the same time.
  • Latching alarm circuits with manual reset prevents the effect of bounce back, which can occur with pressure or vacuum alarm switches.
  • Flashing panel lights indicate one of several conditions to the operator.
  • Automatic remote shutdown of both valves (initiates by external sensors)
  • Auxiliary contacts for remote indication of source depletion and valve status.

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