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SWAANPURE&® Electro Chemistry , Residential Buildings, Housing Colonies, Hotels, Clubs, Hospitals, Factory Complexes.

Still using conventional technology for your sewage treatment? Why?
We have proven technology and advanced design for your sewage treatment needs.

SWAANPURE® is an industry leading sewage treatment plant for your requirement.

It provides the best in class treatment of black and gray water for compact spaces.

SWAANPURE® is available in wide range of models from 25 people to 1000 people.

The Biggest advantage of SWAANPURE® is that there is :

No Odour
No Chemical Additives
No micro-organisms
Compact & Skid Based

Results after treatment from SWAANPURE® Sewage Treatment Plant

Sr. No. Parameters Units Requirement as per CPCB SWAANPURE® Results
1 BOD mg/lt 30 <25
2 COD mg/lt 250 125
3 pH 5.5 to 9.0 6.0 to 9.0
4 Total Suspended solids mg/lt 100 35
5 Total Fecal Coilform -100ml 1000 100
6 Chlorine Residual mg/lt 1
*CPCB Central Pollution Control Board,India.

The primary application is where space is at a premium :

Residential Buildings
Housing Colonies
Factory Complexes

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