It has become relatively common knowledge that the public water supply in the United States is cleaned and made safe by way of chlorination, but did you know that many companies responsible for this cleaning use electricity as a means of cleaning your water? Read on to find out more about this process, and how it impacts the glass of water in your hand!

How Electricity is Used to Chlorinate Water

The very idea of electricity being used to chlorinate water – or being used in conjunction with water, at all – may seem strange to most people. After all, we are taught from a very young age that electricity and water don’t mix. However, with strict monitoring and a well-trained touch, industry experts can use electricity to purify water and make it safer for drinking, cooking, bathing, swimming and much more!

The method and process of electro chlorination are quite simple. Salt – ordinary table salt, by chemical composition – is added to water, and that water is introduced to electric energy. This is typically done inside of a tube, to ensure safety. The salt in the water goes from sodium chloride to sodium hypochlorite, producing chlorinated water. Hydrogen gas is also produced during the process, which is later discarded. Throughout the process, only common salt and water are used, creating a safe environment and a natural product that doesn’t involve the introduction of any synthetic chemicals.

Putting the Sea to Work

In some cases, companies like Capco Water Solutions Pvt.Ltd who provide electro chlorination services will do so utilizing natural seawater. The reason for doing this is primarily cost-related; seawater has a very low procurement cost, making it a great tool for companies responsible for chlorinating large amounts of water. Often, chemicals will be added to the brackish seawater to aid in stabilization during chlorination. After the charge is run through the water, these chemicals are left untouched by the process and can be easily discarded to further purify the finished water product. It’s an easy way to get safer water, using cost-effective means.

Good, Safe Water

The result of the electro chlorination process – regardless of whether it uses seawater or common granulated salt – is always the same. That result is safer, cleaner, healthier water that can be used for everything from drinking to swimming, cooking to cleaning, and everything in between. The introduction of chlorination to public water supplies has made a tremendous difference in public health and minimized the spread of infectious disease, making it a life-changing and world-changing effort on the part of the companies responsible for the ongoing treatment of the public water supply. Next time you turn on the tap, think about this process – and how much of a difference it makes in your everyday life!