The chances are that any firm in the business of running systems that require cooling water treatment is not also actually specialized in cooling water treatment options. Whether your firm is producing products in an industrial setting and requires water cooling, handles raw water for drinking supplies, or you produce energy and utilize cooling towers, the simple fact is that you are left with water that is in need of treatment. Thus, you may be seeking a cooling water treatment package that allows you a bit of customization, adaptability and assured results.

That is an option because premium builders of water treatment systems will typically supply their clients with an array of solutions, including pre-designed packages, such as a cooling water treatment package. Of course, the type of systems and demands on the system mean that a single, one size fits all solution is not a realistic approach. Though many in the world of water treatment would say that chlorine dioxide systems are an optimal approach to treating water from cooling operations, there are many ways such systems manifest.

As a simple illustration of this, you may find that the optimal cooling water treatment package for your needs is either:

  • Vacuum; or
  • Encapsulated/submerged

Then, naturally, there are other factors that will impact the components and supplies to be used. Perhaps you require something entirely automated, or a system that makes a single pass through the treatment. This is why it is of the utmost importance to partner with a firm expert in water treatment systems as well as cooling water treatment. They are going to enable you to address the lesser thought of concerns. For example, scaling and corrosion controls, risks for recontamination after treatment and idealized returns must all be part of any package.

Whether you require a cost-conscious solution that can be integrated into your existing system, is scalable and offers a variety of capabilities or capacities, or you are prepared for a more modern and industrialized solution with robust materials and the ability to meet industry and international standards, you will find many options for a cooling water treatment package.

Among the most advanced are those from Capco Water Solutions. With an array of technologies on hand, they offer two approaches to cooling water treatment using chlorine dioxide as the main approach. With other solutions available for industries of almost any kind or size, they are a go-to resource for optimal water handling.