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Our Core Competence?

  • Sonic Flow: Gas flows at sonic velocity maintaining constant gas flow; additional pressure regulation is not required.
  • Automatic switchover: A separate, independent device that does not require manual reset.
  • Versatility: Cylinder, manifold or ton container mounting. Unit can be modified for semi-automatic or automatic control. Variety of ejectors available for all applications.
  • Reliable: Over 40 years of experience with all vacuum operation, loss of chlorine supply indicator, integral venting system,


For process water, waste treatment and water treatment in the municipal or industrial marketplace.
  • Disinfection: potable water, municipal wastewater.
  • Chloramination: potable water.
  • Dechlorination: textiles, wastewater effluent.
  • Slime and algae control: irrigation system, cooling towers
  • Process water: chemical and pharmaceutical manufacture, food (wash down, canning, bleaching, taste and odor control)
  • Cyanide, chromium removal: metal-finishing wastes.Zebra mussel control

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