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CHLORINE GAS FEED Series CL7615 Chlorine Residual Analyzers

Wall Mounted | Tonner Mounted | Floor Mounted | Instrumentation


  • No Reagents: Because the applications have a relatively stable pH, the accuracy and reliability can be maintained at 5% of full scale the need of costly reagents.
  • High & Low alarm Set points: Monitor and control free chlorine within a concentration band with high and low alarm set points that are easily adjusted on the front panel. LED lights indicate and alarm has occurred.
  • Easy Mounting: The Series CL 7615 Residual Chlorine Analyzer is supplied with mounting enclosure with mounting holes to install exactly into place.
  • Accuracy: The 5% accuracy of the unit is ideal for the monitoring and control of most clean water samples.


  • Water Disinfection: Drinking water requires continuous monitoring of chlorine residuals.
  • Swimming Pool Disinfection: Require low cost accurate monitoring of free chlorine.
  • Cooling Water Biofouling: Cost effective control of slime and algae in piping, heat exchangers and cooling towers by monitoring free chlorine.
  • Industrial Process Water: Accurate monitoring of residual chlorine in industrial process waters.

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