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CHLORINE GAS FEED Series EL225 Electrical Vaporizer

Wall Mounted | Tonner Mounted | Floor Mounted | Instrumentation


  • Heavy Construction: 1/2″ wall thickness of the vaporizing chamber exceeds the ASME Code by more than 50%. Design affords excellent water circulation by natural convection, no additional circulating pumps or mixers are required.
  • Automatic: Water chamber temperature is automatically controlled by a PID Temperature Controller.
  • Convenient: Minimum attention is required by operating personnel.
  • Robust construction: Best in class vaporizer for industrial and municipal application


  • Disinfection: potable water, municipal wastewater, industrial water
  • Dechlorination: textiles, wastewater effluent.
  • Slime and algae control: irrigation system, cooling towers
  • Process water: chemical and pharmaceutical manufacture, food, pulp and paper, metals and mining

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