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CHLORINE GAS FEED Series WP840LX Automatic Gas Feeder upto 10 Kg/hr

Wall Mounted | Tonner Mounted | Floor Mounted | Instrumentation


  • Flow: Proportioning valve position to process flow.
  • Residual: Single, integral action, opening valve based on residual set point.
  • Compound Loop: Simultaneous proportioning valve position to a combination of flow proportioning and residual control. If one signal is lost, the controller automatically proportions based on remaining signal.
  • Feed Forward: Valve position control directly proportional to flow signal multiplied by residual signal, provided by built-in multiplier Automatic wall panel units include: – Controller, automatic linear gas feeder control valve with electronic manual adjustment switch, flowmeter and differential pressure regulator.



For process water, waste treatment and water treatment in the municipal or industrial marketplace.

  • Disinfection: Potable water, municipal wastewater.
  • Slime and algae control: Irrigation system, cooling towers
  • Process water: Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacture, food (wash down, canning, bleaching, taste and odor control)
  • Technologically Advanced: Capco Water controller provides microprocessor-based control, fully field configurable with gas flow output signal. The controller accepts a signal from the flow sensor and/or residual analyzer. An automatic linearized gas feeder control valve is provided for reliable control.

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