Chlorine Gas Detectors | Gas Feed and Instruments | Vacuum Type Gas Chlorinator

CHLORINE GAS FEED VC-50 Floor Cabinet Gas Feeder upto 60 Kg/hr. (Chloro Control Equipment Co.)

Wall Mounted | Tonner Mounted | Floor Mounted | Instrumentation


  • Rear access to all components.
  • Variable capacities upto 60 Kg/Hr.
  • Microprocessor based automatic control.
  • Accurate Chlorine Dosing & Metering


  • Slime and algae control: Irrigation system, cooling towers, rechlorination points.
  • Wastewater disinfection: Packaged plants, lagoons, and industrial effluents.
  • Process Water: chemicals & pharmaceutical manufacture, food.
  • Recreation water: Swimming pools, fountains, spray ponds.

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